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Retirement Income


If you are over the age of 55, or have already retired, you need to ask yourself, “What is my retirement income distribution plan?” Do you have a well thought out, mathematically back tested, rock solid strategy in place that not only provides for your cash flow withdrawal needs, but also integrates and optimizes all areas of your new retirement lifestyle? Is your plan comprehensive? Does it integrate your taxable and non-taxable accounts to determine from which account you should be withdrawing from first, and how much? Does your plan properly maximize Social Security benefits for you and your spouse, to make sure that your claiming strategy gives you the highest possible lifetime benefit for you and your spouse, while minimizing taxes?

Has you withdrawal plan been back-tested to see how well it performs in both bull and bear markets, and what is the probability of success of the outcome? Are you prepared for, and does your plan protect you from not only market risk, but also sequence risk, (order of returns), inflation, interest risk, longevity risk, health care expenses, and unforeseen “black swan” events that could negatively impact your plan?

What certainty do you have that your plan can provide you with inflation adjusted income, for life?

At Anthony Capital, we are retirement income planning experts; because how you decide to withdraw (distribute) your retirement money is very different from how you accumulated it. Our Time-Segmented Asset Allocation distribution plan, combined with our FBIAS Fact-Based Investment Allocation Strategies, provide you with tangible, intelligent and logical methods to solve the problems that retirees face today

The Income for Life Model® is an investment strategy with the objective of providing reliable, inflation- adjusted income for life. The strategy allocates assets in a manner that places a heavy emphasis on guaranteed* streams of income that continue over long periods of time. This is extremely important because Americans are increasingly being forced to rely upon their own retirement savings to create the retirement income they will need. With longevity increasing and interest rates low, creating durable streams of retirement income can be challenging.

The Income for Life Model provides a sound foundation for creating that income. At Anthony Capital, LLC, we can develop a comprehensive retirement income plan that integrates and maximizes your Social Security benefits, and optimizes your taxable and non-taxable accounts to show you the most efficient, and effective way to plan your retirement income distributions.








Still working and building retirement assets? Ever wonder if you have enough money to retire? Or what the tax impact would be if you spent some of your retirement plan assets, today? 

Are you nearing retirement and concerned about generating enough retirement income? Have you thought about what percentage of your retirement income should be predictable? Or what targeted rates-of-return may be appropriate for your long-term retirement investing? My interactive tools and educational movies may help you find answers to these important questions. Just mouse over the images above and click.




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