Corporate Bond Fund


Providing targeted double-digit returns via a select group of individual corporate bonds.


FBIAS™ Income I Portfolio (AQRA)

PIMCO 0-5 Year High Yield Corp Bd ETF


SPDR® Blmbg Barclays High Yield Bd ETF

BBG Barc US Agg Bond Idx TR USD

With targeted double digit returns, the FBIAS™ Income I Portfolio has returned 12.48%, compared to our closest peer benchmark (updated: May 24, 2018).*

Portfolio Focus
  1. TARGETED DOUBLE-DIGIT RETURNS: Seeks targeted double digit returns on fixed incoe securities through the purchase of individual corporate bonds.

  2.  INDIVIDUAL BONDS AT A DISCOUNT:  We focus on the acquisition of individual corporate bonds, at value prices, from companies with improving financial outlooks.

  3. IDENTIFY IMPROVING COMPANY FUNDAMENTALS: Once marked for investment, we monitor the firm’s activity, looking for improving fundamentals such as debt service and repurchase, improving coverage ratios, and positive free cash flows.

  4. TIMELY BUY STRATEGY: We buy as soon as recovery is probable, positioning us for acquisition prior to any significant appreciation that may take place.

  5. RISK MITIGATION: Low average maturities (2-3 yrs) allow us to keep investments liquid & help to minimize the effects of interest rate volatility in the markets

Key Benefits
  • INCOME: May be appropriate for income-seeking investors who can accept moderate levels of risk and also seek opportunities of growth of principal. ie. XYZ company's bond matures in 2021 and has a 6.5% coupon payment and is available for purchase at $800. 

  • COST: Lower costs than the average fiduciary at only 0.5% annually (1.25% annual discretionary management fee).

  • RETURNS: Lover cost + higher returns = higher net returns for our clients.

  • SEGREGATED ACCOUNT: No pooled investments.

  • WELL DIVERSIFIED: Depending on the account/investment amount.


  • CUSTODIAN: Third party custodian, TD Ameritrade

  • FLEXIBLE: No minimum investment period

  • EXPERIENCE: Our team has over 50 years of combined "Boots on the ground" investment experience.


To get started today, or to get more information on the FBIAS™ Income I Portfolio, schedule a time with one of our Retirement Management Analysts and Certified Financial Planners now.

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FBIAS: Fact Based Investment Allocation Strategies are institutional type portfolios that are comprised of low cost exchange traded funds and are professionally managed. FBIAS portfolios seek to profit in bull markets and protect profits in bear markets.

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*Disclaimer: This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not offered as advice with respect to any particular security or related financial instrument. This information should not be used as a basis for making an investment decision and must not be treated as a substitute for seeking advice from a licensed professional. The suitability of a given investment for a particular investor depends on a number of factors, each of which should be considered carefully. Such factors include, but are not limited to, the risk associated with the investment, the nature of current market conditions, and the investor’s objectives, personal needs, and specific circumstances. This is neither a solicitation to buy nor an offer to sell to any person. The content within this presentation an informational overview of retail investing and our segregated (individual) accounts in FBIAS™ Income I Portfolio, Anthony Capital's actively managed, high-yield, fixed-income portfolio. Complete reports of holdings, transactions, and metrics available by request. Net of fund expenses does not include .75% annual advisor fee.Past performance does not predict future results.