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Secured Bonds

Principal Protected Monthly Income Bonds

1 Yr 10% Fixed Income

2 Yr 12% Fixed Income

5 Yr 14% Fixed Income

Bonds are issued by Anthony Capital Bond Fund 1, LLC and invest in the digital lead generation space.

All bonds are backed and secured by a $15 million Stand by Line of Credit that offers principal protection in the event of company or bond failure.

Monthly payments with return of principal at the end of the term.

i.e. $100,000 5 yr 14% bond pays $1,116/month, $14,000/yr, $70,000 profit after 5 years.

Bond are backed by the accounts receivables and purchase agreements of the companies that we are generating digital online leads for, and are secured by an A rated Stand by Line of Credit top tier US bank..

Funding deadline 9/10/2020. IRA and Non-IRA accounts are eligible.

For more information and to request investment documents, call 303-734-7178 and ask for Dave Anthony regarding the "Digital Bonds" or request additional information directly:

This is a Regulation D Rule 506(c) offering and is directed towards accredited investors only.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these bonds invested in?

Anthony Capital Bond Fund I ("ACBFI") is offering four bonds that invest in the $365 Billion internet advertising sector that provide bridge financing for digital lead generation campaigns.

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses acquire clients, and billions of of dollars are being spent online to acquire qualified leads. We invest in online digital marketing campaigns that generate returns in 90-days or less for qualified businesses. We provide the funding to cover the 30-90 day gap between when the campaigns generate the leads and when the business pays for the leads.

The funding is provided as a line of credit guaranteed by a UCC-1 lien against accounts receivables and purchase orders as collateral. This, along with ACBFI's access to cash backed bank instruments to secure it's bonds, mitigates our risk of capital loss by ensuring repayment, and allows us to earn 2-3% every 30 days.

ACBFI is issuing 1-year, 3-year and 5-year secured bonds with annualized interest rates of 10%, 12% and 14%. Interest is paid monthly, with full return of principal at maturity. 


The par value of each bond is $1,000 with a minimum investment of $50,000. There is also an option for a 5 yr, lump sum interest payment Series D bond.

How can you promise such high returns? 14% a year sounds too good to be true. Why are you paying such a high rate with money is cheap right now?

Just because something sounds too good to be true, doesn't always mean that it is. Yes, 14% per year for five years that is SECURED by assets at a top tier bank is high compared to a 5 yr CD or a 5 yr Guaranteed annuity paying 3%, and the fact of the matter is that future offerings will probably offer a lower rate of return. We are competing in the soft money / hard money lending space that pays investors 10% to 12% on their money, and that investment is usually backed by real estate in some way shape or form. If you have ever been through a bankruptcy option with this type of investment, actually getting your money back can be time consuming and a nightmare. The time is now for this business model. We are trying to create as many vertical digital marketing campaigns across as many industry and sector groups as we can. We need additional money to do that. As we grow, future offerings won't offer today's higher rates of return. In our our view, we are ok paying a 10%-14% cost of capital, to secure a 40%-50% return on our money.

Additionally, some things are true, and then they're gone and are no longer available.


Remember when Social Security claiming strategies existed for spouses to engage in a file and suspend strategy and increase their lifetime Social Security benefit by several hundred thousand dollars? We do...we helped lots of clients do it, even though the Social Security office clerks didn't necessarily know of these strategies know of these strategies, they were still valid. Taxes--some folks are only familiar with a Standard Tax return and don't know that they could be eligible for a much higher return via an itemized tax return, but they just aren't familiar with it. To them it sounds "too good to be true." Understand this business model. Understand what businesses are paying for qualified internet leads right now. Understand that this model allows for these margins to be paid out. Recent earnings from Google, and Facebook prove the massive growth in the online digital lead advertising space.

Why don't we just go and get a loan from the bank at 5% Why pay 14%

We've tried that....our business model is such that we get a signed contract in place from a business that wants to start a lead campaign, and then we go out and spend money to determine what the cost per lead for that campaign will be. Once we know that we have a 40%-50% profit margin, then we will apply investor monies and fully run the campaign. we are in essence using the accounts receivables and purchase orders of the business as collateral. Banks don't like to lend on accounts receivables or  purchase orders. They like to lend on hard assets, multi-million dollar real estate portfolios, etc. where they can be in 1st position. We don't have that as collateral.

Certain banks do, however, love to offer Stand by Line of Credits and get paid for it. There is a cost to this $15 million dollar line of credit being secured by a top tier US bank. they have checked this model out and they have done their due diligence on how it works, and are confident enough in it to offer the $15 million credit line and pocket a nice fee for doing so.

Who or What is the Anthony Capital Bond Fund 1, LLC?

Anthony Capital Bond Fund, 1, LLC (ACBF-1) is a Colorado Limited Liability Company that was set up as a Private Placement offering under Regulation D, Rule 506(c) to offer this investment to accredited investors.

Anthony Capital, LLC is a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor with offices in Denver, and San Antonio, TX that was established in 2013 and offers comprehensive, integrated, retirement income plans for qualified individuals.

Both businesses are owned by Dave Anthony, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Retirement Management Analyst (RMA).

How do we know that the bank Stand by Line of Credit is valid?

You will receive a copy of the documentation that shows the credit line, how it works, and how a claim is to be filed if something were to happen.

How is my money safe? How is this investment secure?

The money that is generated from the bond offering is used to complete and provide bridge financing for digital lead campaigns that have already been initiated. We are securing this investment by the accounts receivable and purchase orders of the businesses that order these campaigns. Additionally, your principal is 100% secured by the Stand by Line of Credit being offered by Barclays' bank. The $15 million dollars is being held in a separate account, specifically to pay out bond holder in the even of default, company collapse, death of key company owners, producers, etc. So your investment is secured by two things, the accounts receivable of the businesses that we are generating the lead campaigns for, and the secure stand by line of credit being issued by Barclay's bank.

What is your track record? How long have you been doing this for?

Anthony Capital, LLC (a fee based Registered Investment Advisor Firm) was founded in 2006 and started managing money in 2013. We have a long history of providing unique and specialized private placement investments to our clients. Anthony Capital Bond Fund I, LLC is one of those investments. Our funding partner that we are working with is on round five of offering this type of investment. We have checked them out, vetted their process, and have deemed it be an  appropriate investment to partner up with and get behind.

Round 1- 2018: $1 million dollar raise, 18% return

Round 2- 2019: $1 million dollar raise, 18% return

Round 3- 2019: $2 million dollar raise, 18% return

Round 4- 2020: $5 million dollar raise, 12% return --1st to offer Stand by Line of Credit escrow account protection

Round 5- 2020: $15 million dollar raise, 10%-14% return--Stand by Line of Credit escrow account protection

Round 6??:

Who knows...notice how the offer rate as decreased as the offerings have increased.

Can I purchase this with IRA monies?

Yes, but you need to set up a self-directed IRA via to do the investment. IRA Club is the custodian of the account. Set up your account with them, transfer your IRA over to IRA Club, and then direct them to invest in the ACBF-, LLC offering.

I love the investment, but don't need the income right now, can I defer the income to save money on taxes?

Yes, the 5 year Series D offering pays 14% per year, which accrues and is paid lump sum at the end of the 5 year term. This is a 70% return on your money and is appropriate for non-qualified accounts that don't need the income and want to defer it till the end for tax purposes.

Are these bonds liquid? Can I sell or transfer my bond to someone else?

No-They are not liquid, you can't sell them. These are private investments. No market exists for these bonds. They are not publicly traded.

What happens if I die during the investment term, what happens to my money?

Your ownership interests would then continue and be passed on to your beneficiaries. If you have an IRA account, it would then continue in an inherited IRA account.

When will I receive my monthly payments?

Money received before the 10th of each month is paid out before the 10th of the following month via direct deposit.

What if I have more questions?

Contact an Anthony Capital advisor at 303-734-7178 or at You can also Schedule an online appointment

When does this offering close?

Funds need to be received by 9/10/2020