A Comprehensive, Integrated Wealth Management Approach.


Investment Asset Management—Our Fact Based Strategy

​Anthony Capital, LLC offers comprehensive, integrated financial planning and wealth management services.


Our clients benefit from the combination of our mathematically-based investment management strategies and the application of time-tested financial planning principles.

Blending sound money management techniques with intelligent tax, estate, and insurance planning, creates truly unique financial planning outcomes for our clients. 

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Our Process

Our approach begins with developing a customized strategy for your current financial situation and following our six-step financial planning process. We search the investment spectrum to develop solutions for your unique wealth management needs. This process provides you with a customized strategy and investment mix.

Tax Planning

Taxes will have one of the biggest impacts on the success of your investment strategy. We have tax accountants and CPA's as part of our wealth management strategic team that can suggest the most tax-efficient sequence to grow and withdraw assets across multiple taxable and tax-advantaged accounts. We can offer Roth IRA conversion analysis, 2nd opinion prior year individual and business tax return reviews, year end tax filing services, 1040 tax optimization reports, and personalized tax reduction strategy reports, and Gift Tax Form 709 services.

We are independent. We work for you. We offer a variety of investment solutions for portfolios of all types and sizes including fee-based services, assets under management,  insurance, and annuities.

Independent Third-Party Custodians

We use independent third-party custodians to hold client's investments. These custodians work to provide safekeeping of these investments and a high level of customer service and reporting. These custodians include: Fidelity InstiutionalInteractive Brokers, and Scottrade Advisor Services.

Anthony Capital’s strategic wealth management team includes estate planning attorneys, tax accountants, CPAs, mortgage brokers, insurance specialists, and other consultants to assist in the continuity of financial planning, and asset/liability management.

Collaborating with others helps us offer our clients a diverse and well rounded client experience.